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Ad Prices and Account Policies

When you advertise with The Real Estate Book - Lubbock, you are NOT just buying an ad in a printed publication. You ARE engaging in an integrated marketing campaign that promotes your listing, yourself, and your personal brand.

Our prices include listing on the highly rated website, many partner sites, complimentary QR codes, text codes, and WONDERFUL mobile device optimized tools.

Full Page ads are $475 and include Silver Level On-Line exposure for up o 25 listings and LMS access. Free text codes available for all homes entered and shown online through AMS with immediately available lead tracking - you've got to see this! We can also assist in getting Sign Riders with assignable QR Code and Text Code links that have proven to be of great value.

Half Page ads are $275 and include Silver Level On-Line exposure for a limited number of listings.

Banner or Quarter page ads are $150 and a limited number of Business Card or single property ads are available for $75 each issue.

Various discounts are available, most advertisers receive a 10% discount for having a signed contract, entering listings through AMS, and paying on time.

Larger discounts available for 8 or more pages and/or agency prepared artwork.

Advertising fees are billed when book is submitted for print and payment is due within 15 days.

If a discount appears on your invoice, but payment is not received by listed due date, that discount  may not be honored. Any special circumstances, please contact Arthur at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it .

Any account that is more than 90 days past due is subject to a 25% fee on all past due balances and subject to a 1% per month simple interest charge.


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Did You Know?

The Real Estate Book's network of websites deliver listings to over 33 partner websites that in total receive over 45 million unique visitors per month!

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Did You Know?

The Real Estate Book is an innovator in the world of integrated media. With your listings being marketed via direct mail, internet and print - we are the best value in Real Estate marketing available.

Integrated media sells homes! A home advertised in The Real Estate Book gets sold through an integrated media strategy that combines multiple marketing tools to effectively reach more home buyers - in print and online.

Print - Online - Direct - 800 Number Call Tracking - even virtual tours and custom printing - all available from a single source, sending more viewers to your listing.