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We Connect You...

To Your Best Customer Easier and Faster

We are everywhere your best prospects are...and as an advertiser in The Real Estate Book, you can rest easy knowing that your listings are in front of active home buyers and sellers, seeking information during a critical time in their decision making. We identify, surround and pre-qualify leads before you spend your valuable time on people who aren't serious about buying. How? Our "prospect-focused distribution" means that we have the best internet distribution in the industry, and more books in quality places where home buyers eat, shop, work and play.

And once we get their attention, we provide all the information necessary for them to feel like it's worth their while to contact you. Since buyers are using multiple sources for their home search, it's essential for you to have quality information online, in print, and through extra channels. The Real Estate Book ensures your listings are in front of the right people, and we make it easy for them to contact you...quickly.


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Did You Know?

The Real Estate Book's network of websites deliver listings to over 33 partner websites that in total receive over 45 million unique visitors per month!

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Did You Know?

The Real Estate Book is an innovator in the world of integrated media. With your listings being marketed via direct mail, internet and print - we are the best value in Real Estate marketing available.

Integrated media sells homes! A home advertised in The Real Estate Book gets sold through an integrated media strategy that combines multiple marketing tools to effectively reach more home buyers - in print and online.

Print - Online - Direct - 800 Number Call Tracking - even virtual tours and custom printing - all available from a single source, sending more viewers to your listing.